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Artist Needs Help

Artist, Ron Carter, from the US has contacted us. He would like you to email him with the best colour you think represents Michael. Full details of his project can be found below.

“I just wanted to ask the fans a couple of questions. I’m an artist (visual artist). I am working on a Michael Jackson art series. As I began work on this project, it occurred to me that since he was such a public figure throughout most of his life, I needed to incorporate the public in some manner, in the creation of this series. So I am asking anyone who is wiling to please respond to the following question:

What one color best represents Michael Jackson & his music to you and why?

Please ensure it only one color that comes to you and your reason why.

You can reach me at longshot003@yahoo.com with your responses.

I’ll post a link once I have the series complete and I will include the process & a synopsis of the replies I’ve received.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my questions and commenting on them.  Examples of my artwork can be found by clicking here.

Thank you

Ron Carter

Art is… (You fill in the rest!)”

Source: MJWN

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