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“We Killed Michael Jackson”

An article written by Tamara Conniff for the Huffington Post questions the deluge of grief brought forth by Michael’s death.

Ten years ago, Conniff says, no one wanted to know him. Music critics tore him to shreds. He was blackballed. People made fun of him, he was considered a washed-up, has-been, crazy person.

But now he is dead, the DJs play his music constantly, celebrities vie with each other to be his ‘best friend’, even those who betrayed him in life.

One of the most telling paragraphs in Conniff’s article states; “He was a desperate man in pain and everyone threw stones at him. Now it’s fashionable to be a Michael Jackson fan. Radio stations now play his music on heavy rotation. His albums are flying off the shelves. Urban Outfitters even carries a commemorative vinyl collection that hipsters can frame and put on their walls. Suddenly the entire world has rediscovered Michael Jackson. He’s dead damn it. Imagine what this kind of love would have done for him while he was living? Maybe then he wouldn’t need drugs to sleep”.

Conniff also adds; “Where were these so-called best friends when Michael needed an intervention? Needed help? Nowhere. Yes, some tried, and Michael would not listen, so keep trying!

We killed Michael Jackson. We helped create his gilded cage and then we rejected him. Death serves you well Michael, the world is finally acknowledging the amazing force of nature you were. You changed the face of music. Rest in peace.”

Source Huffington Post & MJWN

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