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LL Cool J To Release Michael Tribute

LL Cool J raps from the perspective of the King of Pop on a new freestyle that came out Monday called ‘Billie Jean Dream (Michael Jackson Tribute)’. Giving new meaning to the term ghostwriter, one of rap’s all time greatest MC’s tells listeners at the end of the record that the late singer gave him inspiration while he slept.

“The crazy thing is, I had a dream. Michael Jackson wrote that for me in a dream. That’s crazy, right? I had a dream, and homeboy wrote it for me in a dream. I saw it on a paper. I woke up and just jotted it down all on paper. Michael Jackson, that’s for you, baby. I love you.”

In the verse, Cool J raps over Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ beat.

“Number one in the world, imagine how it feels to hit up Sony for a billion on a deal. Buy out The Beatles, tell Paul to chill/Too live to talk, y’all read it in my will/… There’s one King of Pop, nothing else poppin’ off, comparing him to me, oh, please knock it off/ All of y’all emanating from one source/ Try to imitate, but you can’t pull it off.”

“Hold my umbrella, give me some support,” LL adds. “While I dance on the roof of the truck after court/ Can’t pull me down/ I don’t know what y’all thought.”

In addition to releasing the track, the rapper announced a Michael Jackson Tribute Contest on his website, boomdizzle.com. Fans are encouraged to write down their own MJ tribute songs, remix classic Michael tracks or create music videos, and the winners will be promoted on the site.

Source: MTV & MJWN

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