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Brenna Chase Asks Ten Questions

Brenna Chase suggests that we all stop looking at media reports, biased or otherwise on Michael’s recent death and instead, she asks herself ten questions and answers them because this is what she feels is really important.


Her questions:

  1. How is it that Michael Jackson is sexy?

  2. Why does Bono get all the credit for saving the world?

  3. What’s so bad about dangling a baby over a balcony?

  4. Why is everyone so shocked by the possibility that Michael

      Jackson had health problems?

  5. Why is the media not making a bigger deal over the evilness

      that is Joseph Jackson?

  6. Was it that absurd for his children to wear masks?

  7. Who the hell is buying ‘Thriller’ in 2009?

  8. Why hasn’t the world always celebrated Michael Jackson’s

      life and music?

  9. Has he ever made a mistake?

10. The ultimate question surrounding his life is not how

strangely he lived or how he died, but how did Michael

Jackson exist in this material world to begin with?

Brenna’s answers are all very insightful, clever, witty, moving and sometimes funny. A great article, and well worth a read.

If you would like to read the article, please click here.

Source popshifter & MJWN

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