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Bruce Swedien Speaks

Bruce Swedien worked with Michael for years on many of his major albums, as an engineer and as a producer. He has spoken to CNN following Michael’s death and had wonderful things to say about him.

Bruce, the author of ‘In The Studio With Michael Jackson’, said that Michael was the “absolute, ultimate professional,” and for his creative process he was “top of the heap”. His dedication to his work was total.

On his human side, Bruce said that he was polite and gentle, a great guy.

When asked about the making of ‘Childhood’, Bruce admitted that Michael talked about his childhood a lot, and longed to have a real one. Bruce showed his personal score for the song which Michael had autographed with a long dedication, thanking him for his help with the song, as it was something Michael had always wanted to say.

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Source: CNN & MJWN

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