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Interview With Adrian Grant

Viv Hardwick from the Northern Echo interviewed Adrian Grant, (MJWN’s founder) and wrote a long article about his Michael connections, beginning with his famous ‘Off The Wall’ magazine.

Adrian launched the magazine which grew to an amazing 25,000 subscriptions, and also began the concept of the ‘MJ Day’ where fans could meet, dance, sing and enjoy the company of many other MJ fans. In fact Michael himself attended the best one of all, MJ Day10, to the delight of 3,000 fans who saw an amazing show, enjoyed an auction for various MJ memorabilia, and even saw and listened to Michael speak just to them. Adrian said that this event inspired him to create ‘Thriller Live’.

Adrian also spoke of his first visit in 1990 to Neverland Ranch as Michael’s guest, and his ideas about Michael’s personality, his life, his openness, generosity, sense of humour, and skill at his craft.

The ‘Thriller Live’ show has been at the Lyric Theatre in London’s West End since January, after a touring version went all around the UK and part of Europe. Michael himself has not seen the stage version of the show, but it has been taped and sent to him. His brother Tito attended and was “complimentary”.

‘Thriller Live’ will be in Darlington, Newcastle, and York and then will move onto Czechoslovakia and Poland.

To read the interview please click here.

Source: Northern Echo & MJWN

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