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Mark Lester Speaks Of Michael

Mark Lester has been one of Michael’s closest friends for many years, and they are Godfathers to each other’s children. He has also spent a lot of time with Michael while he has been in England announcing his concerts and went to the theatre with him and the children last Friday to see ‘Oliver’.

“We all had a fantastic time at the theatre. Michael said ‘Oliver!’ is still his favourite musical and he was singing along to some of the songs. Afterwards we went backstage and met the cast, which he greatly enjoyed. He said he is really loving his time in London and is very pleased by the welcome.

My children get on very well with his and we have all been having a great time. My kids can’t wait for the concerts.”

About the controversy surrounding Michael’s health, Mark added; “Michael is absolutely fine and there should be no concerns over his health. I have spent a lot of time with him while he has been over here and I can assure you he is very fit and well. He can’t wait to get back to Los Angeles to begin rehearsals. He has been talking about doing a lot of new stuff, not music, but dance routines, so I think people will be quite surprised by his shows. He wants to pull together all the talent he can. He is raring to go.”

Source: Sunday Express & MJWN

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