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New Jacksons Compilation

Amazon, the on-line music store has advertised a new compilation of music by the Jacksons. Entitled, ‘The Very Best Of The Jacksons’, it contains some of the best tracks from their Epic albums.

Album Description

Welcome to the Playlist series. We’ve fished through hundreds of tracks to cherry pick the perfect playlists. Not just the hits, but…the life-changing songs. The out-of-print tracks. The fan favorites everyone loves. The songs that make the artists who they are. You’ll no doubt enjoy the sound of the beautifully re-mastered songs on this CD, unlike the compromised sound of an MP3 file. You might also like the fact that the packages are environmentally-friendly (no plastic, 100% recycled paper). But we think the thing you’ll appreciate most about this Playlist is that even though you didn’t make it, you might wish you did. This package has been created with the environment in mind. All of the paperboard is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Of course, we would prefer that you not throw this package or CD away. We would prefer that you keep it in your collection to enjoy for many years to come! Full liner notes, photos, and more included as a PDF file on this CD. Enjoy!

Track Listings

1. Music’s Takin’ Over

2. Goin’ Places

3. Enjoy Yourself

4. Blame It On The Boogie

5. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)

6. All Night Dancin’

7. Things I Do For You

8. Lovely One

9. State Of Shock

10. Torture

11. Medley: I Want You Back/ ABC/ The Love You Save

12. This Place Hotel (a/k/a Heartbreak Hotel)

13. 2300 Jackson Street

14. Man Of War

Source: Amazon & MJWN

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