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Reva Thomas, organiser of the ‘Tribute To Michael Jackson: 50th Birthday Celebration’ which was held in New York on August 23rd, 2008 received a Proclamation for Michael which was written by the Honorable Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President.

In the Proclamation the Honorable Marty Markowitz officially declared “Saturday August 23, 2008 as Michael “King of Pop” Jackson 50th Birthday & 25th Anniversary of ‘Thriller’ Celebration Day.”

The Proclamation reads as follows:

“Whereas, Brooklyn has long been renowned for its richness of its culture and artistic communities, it is therefore most fitting that we recognize those most distinguished individuals and organizations that support and promote expression in Brooklyn, throughout New York and the world; and

Whereas, in every generation stars are born and legends are made, yet there are those times when that rare individual stands above all who have come before and after them by elevating and revolutionizing their art form, thereby leaping beyond the confine of star or legend to a place undefined by mere words, and that is Michael Jackson and

Whereas, on behalf of all Brooklynites I salute Michael Jackson – on the occasion of his 50th Birthday and the 25th Anniversary of ‘Thriller’ – superstar, music icon, innovator, humanitarian, father, brother, son, and idol to millions of fans around the world, whose unparalleled career began in the 1960s as a member and lead singer of The Jackson 5, and who moved onto a solo career that has been unmatched by anyone before him or since, producing mega albums such as ‘Off the Wall’, ‘Dangerous’, ‘Bad’ and of course the legendary ‘Thriller’, which forever changed the music and video industry with more than 50 million copies sold worldwide, an unprecedented achievement on a album that produced the unforgettable ‘Billie Jean’, and ‘Beat It’, I commend him not only for his musical genius but for his humanitarianism, donating millions to charities around the world to alleviate hunger, homelessness, and disease, as well as his enormous contribution to the arts, which certainly help to shape and change lives, and who according to the Guinness Book Of World Records in the 2000 Millennium Edition, Michael Jackson is listed as supporting the most charities by a pop star, I congratulate him on numerous Grammy Awards he has received throughout his career in recognition of his incomparable contribution to the music industry, and I join with family, friends and supporters worldwide in wishing Michael and extraordinary birthday, and I sincerely thank him for gracing the world with his music, unstoppable spirit and of course ‘Thriller’.

Now, therefore, I, Marty Markowitz, President of the Borough of Brooklyn, do hereby proclaim Saturday, August 23, 2008 Michael “King of Pop” Jackson 50th Birthday & 25th Anniversary of ‘Thriller’ Celebration Day.”

Well done Reva you’ve done Michael proud! To see a copy of the Proclamation please click here.

To read Reva’s great article on ‘Tribute To Michael Jackson: 50th Birthday Celebration’ please click here.

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