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  • 1992 Pepsi Advert Dreams

    In 1992 Michael starred in a special advert for Pepsi, where he chased a woman through a dream world. It also had elements from in 1991 ‘Dangerous’ album cover.

  • Cool Ferrari Sells On eBay

    The cool 1986 Ferrari black Testarossa Convertible car driven by Michael Jackson in his famous 1987 Pepsi advert has sold at auction for over $80,000 (£53,333).

  • Michael’s Pepsi Ferrari On Ebay

    The 1986 Ferrari Testarossa driven by Michael in a Pepsi commercial is now for sale on Ebay. On Wednesday the top bid was $70,000 but hadn’t reached the reserve

  • Karen Faye Testimony

    Karen Faye was Michael’s hair and make-up stylist for twenty-seven years. She gave evidence in Court, calling him “a gentle genius,” with unparalleled stamina!

  • I’ll Be There Pepsi Commerical

    In 1992 Michael filmed this advert for Pepsi, singing the beautiful Jackson 5 hit ‘I’ll Be There’, as a duet with a younger version of himself. Just magical.

  • ‘Thriller 25′ Campaign Is Hotting Up

    Just days to go before the release of the various editions of ‘Thriller 25”, and the ad campaign is generating plenty of interest.

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