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Nate Giorgio Creates ‘Thriller 40’ Artwork

Artist Nate Giorgio has posted on social media concepts he created to celebrate “Thriller 40” that were commissioned by Sony Music but ultimately never officially used.

Giorgio became Michael’s official private artist in 1984 and the two remained close until Michael’s passing in 2009. Some of the portraits he created were displayed in Michael’s Neverland home as well as used on various commercial and private projects such as albums, books, calendars, and merchandise. Perhaps his most famous drawing of Michael was called “Remember the Children” which he created in 1986 and featured in the “HIStory” album booklet.

Most recently his artwork can be seen as the main visual for the Broadway hit musical “MJ.” Below are his “Thriller 40” concepts:

The artist also made a concept logo for the album, which again was decided not to be used:

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