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Biopic ‘Michael’ Director Announced

It’s been officially announced that director Antoine Fuqua will lead the upcoming biopic film entitled “Michael.”

It’s been nearly a year since the biopic was first announced. It’s being written by three-time Oscar nominee John Logan and produced by Oscar winner Graham King. John Branca and John McClain from Michael’s Estate will also be involved.

Principal photography is due to begin later this year, the movie is said to give audiences the never-before-told and in-depth portrayal of Michael and will explore all aspects of Michael’s life.

On announcing the director, the chair of Lionsgate, Joe Drake, said;

“Antoine is a perceptive and powerful filmmaker, and we feel very fortunate that he has chosen “Michael” as his next project. His visionary storytelling skills and commitment to his craft will make Michael an unforgettable film.”

Antoine Fuqua himself has released a statement saying;

“The first films of my career were music videos, and I still feel that combining film and music are a deep part of who I am. For me, there is no artist with the power, the charisma, and the sheer musical genius of Michael Jackson. I was influenced to make music videos by watching his work – the first Black artist to play in heavy rotation on MTV. His music and those images are part of my worldview, and the chance to tell his story on the screen alongside his music was irresistible.”

Source: Variety & MJWN

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