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‘Thriller’ And ‘Beat It’ Available in 4K

Apple Music and iTunes now have the 4K versions of “Thriller” and “Beat It” to watch. We’re still waiting for “Billie Jean” to drop, and for the videos on YouTube to be updated.

We expect them to be more widely available by the release of “Thriller 40” next Friday. In the meantime the thumbnails used on the YouTube videos have been updated to the 4K resolution.

In the first 24 hours of the 4K versions of “Thriller” and “Beat It” being released on Apple Music, and even with no official promotion, they’ve shot straight to the top of the iTunes Music Video chart. “Thriller” sits at the top spot with “Beat It” at number 2.

“Thriller” was first restored in 2017 by the original director John Landis. It was shown in movie theaters across the US in 2018. It was a preview for those that had got tickets to watch the movie “The House with a Clock in Its Walls.” Those screenings were in 3D, and seeing it on the big screen totally changed what you knew about “Thriller.”

Watching these new versions of the videos is like watching them for the first time. So many details were easy to miss before. This breathes a fresh lease of life into this classic short films from Michael.

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