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Bonus Track: ‘Can’t Get Outta The Rain’

“Can’t Get Outta The Rain” has been the penultimate track to be announced for “Thriller 40.” The song is very familiar to fans, as it’s been included on multiple releases over the years including as the original B-Side of “The Girl Is Mine,” as well as the US version of “The Essential Michael Jackson” album in 2005.

The song originates from the song “You Can’t Win,” which Michael recored and performed in the 1978 movie “The Wiz.” Four years later “Part 2” of that song was created. Michael repeatedly sings the line “Can’t get outta the game” and the vocals were overdubbed, resulting in “Can’t Get Outta the Rain.” The melody and lyrics (except for the word “rain”) are identical to “You Can’t Win.”


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