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Thriller Challenge

Today kicks off the “Thriller Challenge” to try and get the song “Thriller” to number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song has never reached the top spot before number one on Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at number four in 1983. This is now your chance to help make history by getting this Halloween anthem to number one between October 28th – November 3rd 2022.

The best way to help push a song up the charts is simply to purchase it! Sales of the actual song gain high points towards the Billboard Hot 100. The next big push would be to stream it lots. And finally, chart positions are also based on radio play. So a drive to request the song a lot on your local, and national, stations is a must.

We’ve created a page dedicated to providing you all you need. Links to buy and stream the song on the top services, as well as phone numbers to many radio stations around the USA. There’s also some that you can Tweet.

To get all the information you need visit our “Thriller Challenge” page now on our Thriller 40 website, and let’s get “Thriller” the placement it deserves this Halloween.

Thank you!

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