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Vote For Michael’s Simpsons Episode

In 1991 Michael Jackson appeared in the season 3 opening episode of The Simpsons, voicing a man who claimed to be Michael Jackson. Now Billboard are running a poll, asking readers to vote for their favorite musical cameo, of which there have been many. At the time of writing, Michael is leading the poll with Britney Spears a close second.

Over the 30+ years since it launched the episode has become a classic and one of the most popular episodes of the long running cartoon sitcom, despite being pulled from circulation in 2019 by the producers, much to public uproar.

The episode is notable not just for Michael voicing the character, but also for the song ‘Lisa It’s Your Birthday.’ While the singing wasn’t voice by Michael, the King of Pop did do a recording of the song, which can be heard online.

Let’s make Michael proud and show the producers the grave mistake they made by pulling it out of circulation. Vote for Michael.

Source: Billboard & MJWN

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