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Janet Jackson Documentary

If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should!

The new Lifetime four part documentary series on Janet Jackson is the number one documentary to watch right now, with nearly 16M people already who have watched it. The intimate series shows Janet’s history, dating back all the way to the Jackson 5 days as she watched them rehearse, to joining them on their variety shows in the 1970s, to becoming a star in her own right.

She goes on to speak very personally about her love for Michael and how much the allegations hurt her, both professionally and personally. She talks about how he was the person she was closest to, and struggled to come to terms with his death.

Other Jacksons, including Katherine, are interviewed for the enlightening documentary and there’s plenty of unseen Michael footage and behind the scenes clips of the making of Scream to watch out for. It’s as much as history lesson on the Jacksons, as it is on the astonishing career of Janet Jackson!

Watch all 4 parts for free on Lifetime TV.

Source: Lifetime & MJWN

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