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Michael Jackson Did A Powerful Job

Judith Hill has worked alongside many in the music industry including Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart and Michael Jackson. During this time, she has noticed a gradual change in the music industry and says Michael still is an inspiration.

Hill said;

“Michael was amazing and truly an inspiration with his heart for the world. Just being around him and his music about healing the world and seeing that first hand, it was so much more than just about being incredible. It was a strong message.

I think Michael did such a powerful job of leading hope for the world. Even after his passing I meet people who are still totally inspired by his music.

I think it’s interesting as the climate of everything has changed so much. People are more cynical and sometimes they don’t really believe in hope and things that are beautiful. But for me, I’m really passionate about hope and spreading love.”

Source: Metro & MJWN

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