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Messages To Michael By Gail Milton

One of my many memories of my time with MJWN is that of MJ Day 10, which was held at the Hammersmith Apollo. Jayne and I had spent the previous couple of weeks putting together a book of messages for Michael. This is something we did on a regular basis. I say book, but to be honest, they were more like large binders, over two foot in size. We filled these with the letters, poems and drawings we had received from Michael’s fans. We always decorated these books too, with lots of stars, glitter and stickers and would use a metalic blue usually for the cover, with gold lettering. We would also give them a title, whatever was appropriate for the time…like “We Love You Most!” This particular book we put inside Michael’s dressing room and he took it with him when he left.

I was very busy during the event. I was helping with the merchandise and trying to watch the show every chance I had. I remember there were several great performers, but obviously the highlight for everyone was a personal appearance by none other than the master himself…Mr Michael Jackson.

Michael was on crutches as he had hurt his ankle. It was absolutely fabulous to breathe the same air as him. After Michael had left the stage, all of the team were called to the stage where we all joined together to sing ‘Heal the World.’ It was a magical day. There have been lots of other times I’ve enjoyed my time at MJWN, but this one stands out the most.

Gail Milton

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