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Lionel Richie On Writing ‘We Are The World’

Lionel Ritchie recently was on ‘The Talk,’ which is a show on the CBS Network. He spoke of the “wild” time he had whilst writing ‘We Are The World’ with Michael.

Richie explains; “Michael loved to collect animal and reptiles, so right in the middle of writing this song, we were eating downstairs and there’s this dog barking hysterically and we heard… ‘shut up, shut up’ so I’m thinking… ‘What’s going on, Michael?’  He said, ‘That’s the bird having an argument with the dog.’  Now it gets worse. I’m lying on the floor working on the lyrics to ‘We Are The World’ and I hear ‘hssss…’ and I’m looking at Michael and all of a sudden I’m looking out the corner of my eye and the albums against the wall are falling down and there’s an albino python. And he goes, ‘There he is Lionel, we found him, we found him! We knew he was in the room somewhere, Lionel. He wants to come out and play with you.’ I was screaming like the last woman in a horror movie. I was screaming so loud.”

Source: The Talk & MJWN

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