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‘Moonwalker’ With A Chiptune ‘Thriller’

A collector claims he has found a cartridge of Michael’s ‘Moonwalker’ for the Sega Genesis system in which ‘Thriller,’ which was apparently left out of the game because of licensing issues or similar reasons, accompanies the second board of the game’s third stage. This video was uploaded and it shows Michael in his ‘Smooth Criminal’ outfit, strutting to a ‘Thriller’ chiptune as he karate kicks the zombies.

The original music for stage 3-2 was ‘Another Part of Me.’

The cartridge cost $20 and was found at a flea market. Some have challenged the find saying it could be a bootleg, but the finder insists it’s real.

There are copies of the game that have four small clips of ‘Thriller.’ These can be found on levels 3-1, 3-2, 3-3 and 5-3 which are activated by holding down the A button until Michael starts dancing. Only the original release, which is also known as REV00, has ‘Thriller’ in it. The second release known as REV01 is the one that contains ‘Another Part Of Me.’

Source: Polygon & MJWN

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