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Unreleased MJ Pepsi Song Leaked Online

For the last three years fans have got to know the song ‘Price of Fame.’ It was recorded during the ‘Bad’ album sessions in the mid 1980s but Michael discarded it for the album and never released it on any further commercial releases.

In 2012 the song appeared on the ‘Bad 25th Anniversary’ album, which included other unreleased material such as ‘Al Capone.’ However it’s now emerged that ‘Price of Fame’ was not just recorded for the album, but a second version was also recorded for the 1987 Pepsi adverts that starred Michael.

The TV spot eventually ended up just using an alternative version of the title track ‘Bad,’ however the different version of ‘Price of Fame,’ along with the advert has been leaked online:

Source: YouTube & MJWN

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