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Jonathan Moffett Pays Tribute To Michael

Jonathan Phillip Moffett is a name well known in both the ‘MJ’ and Drumming world as one of the best drummers in the world and as Michael Jackson’s long time drummer. I guess that speaks for itself as Michael only worked with the best.

In memory and in honour of his friend this year and as stated in his own words,

“in celebration of Michael’s life for the 6th Anniversary of MJ’s graduation to heaven,”


Jonathan has written a heartfelt tribute in a poem form that he has kindly shared with MJWN and all the fans. It comes from a place deep in his heart and is a beautiful expression of his love for, and the loss he still feels for Michael.

Jonathan’s tribute titled “Songbird” is as follows:

Songbird, sweet songbird, why have you flown away? We long to hear your sweet songs of life, unity and love in voice and our view yet another day. Need I say the love you sing takes their very hearts to fly away in the promise of a love you’ll bring yet another given day.

Be it in this life you’ve known and come to realize your purpose and find your “GOD” given place. Like a shepherd’s love of his flock, he’s brought to lead them place to place, to the teachings love designates.

As a ‘King’ endures the trials of the world that dare come his way, yet with his faith in love, and love in faith, he’ll lead to follow, and show all others longing to know the righteous it takes. For it is the roles that the righteous were meant to play.

You led by example, to care enough, yet humbly hid your loving, sharing, giving deeds away out of public’s eye view, your caring for others bound in love through example in the words of songs you sang. To ‘Heal The World’, with your ‘Earth Song’, for though ‘We Are The World’ it seems, ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us!’ But when you just look at the ‘Man In The Mirror,’ don’t be dismayed, for together, altogether we can make that change. Beginning today you said, and each and every day, as a new beginning!

So now people of the ‘M.J. Family World’, ‘Can You Feel It?’ It’s everywhere in the air dear Michael. Your songbird voice is played around the world, literally all over the globe! A billion hearts and minds strong take pride to sing along and praise your ‘Still’ living name. For though you’ve left, you’re living here through all who breathe life into your memory’s frame.

Michael, Dear Michael, songbird as you were, you ARE truly loved and missed! Yet your song in life remains the same,….. “IT’S ALL FOR LOVE”.


Source: Jonathan Phillip Moffett, fanpop.com & MJWN, with very special thanks to Paula Katsikas

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