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The Memorabilia Vault Auction Michael’s Artwork

The Memorabilia Vault, an online auction source for all types of autographs and memorabilia, have currently on offer some Art work created by Michael, which they would like to share with MJ fans.

It is common knowledge amongst his fans that Michael cherished art and loved to draw, sketch and paint. His love for art started at a very young age and continued throughout his adult life.

The three pieces offered by The Memorabilia Vault are some examples of Michael’s creative genius. Each piece on sale includes a certificate of authenticity from REAL/Roger Epperson, plus each piece will be sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

The first drawing is of Snow White and is a great representation of Michael’s love for Disney characters. It is drawn with a black marker and measures 18” x 24”.


The second drawing is a self-portrait of Michael, sketched with a blue marker and measuring 11” x 14”.


Lastly, a drawing by Michael of the famous French actor and mime Marcel Marceau, who was one of Michael’s friends for many years, is also on offer. Again Michael used the medium of a black marker to sketch this drawing, which measures 13” x 19”.

Michael was a huge fan of Marcel Marceau’s mime artistry, and incorporated mime into his stage show, especially at the close of his ‘Human Nature’ performance.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Michael’s art pieces you can contact The Memorabilia Vault at info@thememorabiliavault.com or if you have anything you would like to consign with them for their next auction, you can email them at consign@thememorabiliavault.com.

For further details visit their website here.

Source: The Memorabilia Vault & MJWN

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