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Amazon Promotes ‘Michael Jackson Conspiracy’

‘Michael Jackson Conspiracy’ by Aphrodite Jones, the New York Times bestselling author and star of ‘True Crime,’ is a book outlining the truth regarding Michael’s 2005 trial, in Santa Maria, California.

In her book she condemns the media for making up and spreading hateful rumours, innuendos and for recounting just the sordid details, plus reporting only the most despicable accusations and grisly charges made against Michael during his criminal trial.


She details how the media had built a highly profitable industry around Michael’s ‘freaky life’ and banked on his conviction. Aphrodite Jones’ ‘Michael Jackson Conspiracy’ tells how they got it all wrong and what really went on in the courtroom, revealing how Michael was the victim here.

For this week only, Amazon is doing a special promotion and is offering the eBook version of ‘Michael Jackson Conspiracy’ for just 98 cents. To purchase the book, click on the link here.

Source: Amazon.com & MJWN

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