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Matt Forger Interview For ‘Xscape’ Documentary

In anticipation of the new posthumous Michael Jackson album ‘Xscape,’ Epic is bringing us inside the studio with some of the collaborators on the project, who also worked with Michael in the past. In this new clip, MJ’s sound engineer Matt Forger is interviewed about their past working relationship and his memories of recording some of the songs that will be on the new project.

One of Matt’s great memories is going on “audio adventures” with Michael, where he said they would go out looking for sounds to record, things that struck Michael in a special way. One time they went to one of his brother’s houses, and using a piece of wood, knocked on different sections of an antique car to find inspiration.

Additionally, Matt talks about recording the song ‘Loving You,’ which will be on the project. “A wonderful, joyous, statement kind of life and love, which was very typical of Michael,” he said about the song.

“Michael had a saying, ‘study the greats and become greater,’ and I had the opportunity to do that up close and personal.”

Go inside the studio with the collaborators on Michael’s new album, ‘XSCAPE,’ in this exclusive sneak peak from the album documentary which is available only on the ‘XSCAPE’ Deluxe Edition. This is part 2 of the documentary.

Source: michaeljackson.com, THISISr&b, & MJWN

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