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Simon Fuller Nearly Managed Michael

Simon Fuller says in BBC Radio 2 documentary ‘The Fuller Picture’ that he almost became Michael’s manager.

The manager – who famously masterminded the careers of the Spice Girls and S Club 7, as well as creating ‘Pop Idol’ and ‘American Idol’ – admitted that it was “a shame” the partnership didn’t transpire.

“There was a minute there where I was going to become his manager,” Fuller says in BBC Radio 2 documentary ‘The Fuller Picture.’

“I had lots of ideas, and I think about it actually every now and again about what I was going to do with him and they were very different to anything he’d done previously and it wasn’t about touring for sure.”

He added: “I actually advised him not to do touring because I felt that he’d already been seen touring and I felt there was more to offer in a different way.

“It was quite a complicated situation and complication isn’t something I crave in life but the people around him would have made it challenging.

“If it had been just down to me working with Michael I think we’d have done something extraordinary but I thought better to just let it go, it was a shame.”

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Source: digitalspy.co.uk & MJWN

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