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Groups of fans who work tirelessly on projects such as, ‘One Rose For Michael’ have now joined a united campaign, to prevent Conrad Murray from profiting from his tragic actions.

To read about their plan to boycott Conrad Murray, please visit the links below, where on the press release you can become aware of their aims, read the blog website, and media twitter accounts on their facebook page.

The Press Release begins with these poignant words,

“We are a group of very concerned Michael Jackson fans. We are uniting out of our respect for Michael Jackson and his legacy.  He was a global superstar and while he should be remembered for his artistry, he should also be remembered for his humanitarianism. Of equal importance was his love for his own children and his loyal fans. These are the things an individual like Michael Jackson should be remembered for… not the tragic manner in which he was taken from us.”

The Press Release:

The Blog Website:

The Media Twitter Accounts to contact:

Source: Michael Jackson Fans Unite – Boycott Conrad Murray Campaign & MJWN

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