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Bonnie’s Heartfelt Tribute To Michael

Bonnie Lamrock from MJ-Upbeat has written a really heartfelt tribute to Michael, which will open the eyes of many people to the “dirty secrets” of the entertainment industry.

“Why Did It Take Michael Jackson’s Death To Reveal The Truth?

It’s sad that it took Michael Jackson dying to reveal the dirty secret’s happening behind the scenes in today’s show business industry. I think all artists in the music industry owe Michael Jackson gratitude and thanks for giving his life to reveal the truth. Through Michael’s death the industry will now hopefully wake up and learn that they cannot treat their artists like trash. They cannot turn a blind eye while their artist is dying and they CANNOT choose money over a human being’s life.

How dare AEG watch as Michael Jackson dies right before their eyes and call him a FREAK as he’s dying. How dare they focus on money when an artist is losing his life. These people deserve prison time. They have Michael Jackson’s blood on their hands and they should be sitting alongside Conrad Murray in Jail right now.

I’m glad I watched the trial. I’m glad the world has learned the truth once and for all. I’m sad Michael needed to have his name dragged through the mud to accomplish this, but truthfully, it only helped me to realize what I’ve known all along……….. Michael Jackson was human, just like you and me.

This trial has taught me that Michael Jackson wasn’t perfect, none of us are. We all make mistakes, the only difference between him and us is that HE is famous and whatever he does is displayed for all the world to see (& judge). I thank God I’m not famous because that man had no privacy at all. He tried desperately for privacy but ultimately even in death, he could not achieve it.

I hope the world will not judge him for the things they heard during this trial. I think sometimes we forget that he was human. His burdens as a superstar were beyond what we could ever understand. He wanted his light to shine brightly, he tried much harder than the ‘average’ artist to be the very best at what he does and by doing that, he also suffered greatly.

All he ever wanted was to make the world a better place. His attempt to make this world a better place was endless. This man did NOT receive the respect and love he deserved. Now he’s gone and we can never have him back. This world is not the same without Michael Jackson. There’s an emptiness that can never be replaced.

We should be grateful to Michael Jackson for all he has done for our world. He died giving his all. He died so that other artists may be treated better by the industry. He died striving with all his might to make us happy and give us the best performance he could possibly give.

Thank you Michael. Thank you for giving us everything you had. Thank you for trying so hard to make us all happy and most of all, thank you for striving with all your might to make this world a better place.

You will be missed beyond words.”

– Bonnie Lamrock

Email: BonnieLamrock@aol.com

Source: Bonnie Lamrock, MJ-Upbeat & MJWN


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