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Katherine Jackson Called As Final Witness

Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine will be called back to testify by AEG Live as its last witness in their defense of Katherine Jackson’s wrongful-death lawsuit on Monday, an AEG Live lawyer said Wednesday.

AEG Live lead attorney Marvin Putnam said he would question the 83-year-old Jackson family matriarch “about the absurdity of the damages” she wants the jury to award, if they decide the concert promoter is liable in the pop icon’s death.

A Jackson lawyer argued that AEG Live’s “intent is to show the lawsuit’s purpose is greed,” while the judge suggested that any mother could be expected to say “there is no amount of money that would substitute for the loss of her son.”

Putnam has frequently cited in interviews a “statement of damages” letter sent to him by a Jackson lawyer last year capping possible damages at $40 billion, but the judge ruled that he could not refer to it in court because it was not a sworn filing in the case.

Jackson lawyer Kevin Boyle pointed out that the lawsuit complaint only says that damages would be “according to proof at trial,” based on testimony by several expert witnesses who have testified.

If jurors decide that AEG Live is liable in Michael’s death, they could award damages based on the loss of the mother’s and children’s relationship with him and the amount of money he was unable to earn because his life was cut short.

After AEG Live rests its case – which lawyers indicated would happen Monday – the Jackson lawyers would have a chance to call several rebuttal witnesses. Closing arguments in the trial, which began in April, could be heard as soon as next week.

Source: cnn.com & MJWN

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