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Bubbles’ ‘Art’

Michael’s famous chimp, Bubbles, has painted two colourful abstracts, which have just been sold for £2,000, which will go towards his care in Wauchula, Florida.

The 27-year-old primate painted two colourful abstracts which raised £2,000 at auction towards his £13,000 annual care bill.

Patti Ragan, of the Center for Great Apes, said: “To take all our apes to the ends of their lives will cost £25million. We need help.” The Center is a sanctuary for the great apes.

Bubbles was doted on by Michael, who adopted him in 1983. He was trained to Moonwalk and met star pals like Brooke Shields.

The carers have said that Michael’s family have never paid for Bubbles’ care, since Michael passed away. The care given to Bubbles costs £13,000 a year.

The carers are now asking Michael fans to donate £100 a year each to help with the expenses. You can find information about the Center here.

Source: Mirror Online & MJWN

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