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Joe Balaam, a high school student, aged 15, from Stowmarket, has recently donated a website to the MJ-RTT Foundation who have been raising money for an African orphanage.

Joe Balaam, from Stowmarket, created the website for charity MJ-RTT Foundation, a group of Michael Jackson fans keen to raise money in Michael’s name.

The charity, whose initials stand for Michael Jackson Remembering The Times, now raise money for the Destiny Kids Orphanage in Hohoe, Ghana.

Joe said he started designing websites as a hobby and was pleased to help the foundation. He said, “They have been trying to raise a lot of money to help an orphanage in Ghana. “They have sent £920 in the last month and are currently helping to build a clean water system.

“I have been doing website design for the last two years – I designed a website for a driving instructor before this.”

The MJ-RTT Foundation intially raised £1,000 for a project in Ghana by auctioning MJ memorabilia after being approached through Facebook by a Ghanaian NGO. The charity then discovered the Destiny Kids Orphanage.

A spokeswoman said: “Besides trying to get sponsors for the children so that they have a regular income, we have recently completed a second auction of MJ memorabilia which raised over £300.

“This amount was sufficient to kick-start the installation of pipework to bring safe drinking water to the children.”

For more information about the MJ-RTT charity.

Visit Joe’s website.

Source: buryfreepress.co.uk & MJWN

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