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In the light of fans’ ongoing unease at the upcoming auction of Michael’s costumes, the Estate has issued the following statement:

Michael Jackson was always giving items to friends, fans, sick children he visited and others he met throughout his life. As a result, the Estate does not own all Michael Jackson costumes and/or other pieces. Many people now possess different Michael Jackson items, and those items are the property of those individuals; the Estate cannot control what private citizens do with their own property. But all of Michael’s fans can rest assured that while the Estate may not have every single item ever worn by Michael as a result of his own generosity, the Estate does have more than enough costumes and fashion accessories along with all Michael’s other possessions to enable the Estate to create a museum/exhibition for fans to enjoy and to honor Michael appropriately. Any fans who attended the Michael Jackson Fan Fest exhibit in Las Vegas last year saw that. Everything that was part of that exhibition was and remains Estate property and there is more property that was not displayed. Although it is premature to do so now, the Estate looks forward to sharing its future plans with then fans at the appropriate time.

The Official Online Team of the Michael Jackson Estate™

Source: MJOnline & MJWN

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