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Making Of Thriller

CePro.com has an article about the making of ‘Thriller,’ with the majority of the credit going to Quincy Jones, before Michael! We beg to differ! Back in 1982 a young Michael Jackson teamed up with producer Quincy Jones and an all-star list of musicians to create the best selling record in music history.

The article begins,
“Before the first note of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ was ever recorded, Quincy Jones told everyone associated with the record that his goal was to redefine the recorded music industry with the making of the record.”

It goes on in much the same vein, disregarding the massive contribution Michael made to that event. Michael, at that time was enjoying massive popularity, and wanted his efforts to be recognized. He wanted the album to sell large numbers and knew how he wanted it to sound.

He had been disappointed by the relative failure of his previous album ‘Off The Wall’ to achieve his ambition, and he put everything he had into ‘Thriller,’ alongside Quincy Jones’ efforts. Michael contributed songs and incredible music such as ‘Billie Jean,’ to the ‘Thriller’ project.

To assign the success of ‘Thriller’ to Quincy alone is to denigrate Michael’s work, and is at the very least, an insult to his memory. Michael himself said that when he first heard the completed album, he wept! He went back to the recording studio with Quincy Jones and they remade the whole thing by re-mixing every track until it sounded right.

Of course Quincy Jones was the producer, but Michael was the performer who made it what it became, the best-selling album of all time, a record which will never be surpassed.

To read CePro’s article by Robert Archer, please click here:

Then you can make up your own mind!

Source: cepro.com & MJWN

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