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Michael’s Everland Almost Ready

Michael’s Everland, the home for 50 children in Liberia, funded by Michael’s fans, is almost ready for occupation, following some delays due to bad weather.

Doctor Phillip Treacey, Michael’s friend from Ireland has donated a hydraulic clinic bed, which has been used by Michael.
The whole idea was brought about by some of the most tenacious of Michael’s fans, who went through many traumas to achieve their goal, in building a home for 50 children who will be safe from harm, and who will attend school, often for the first time. These wonderful fans have been stoic in the face of difficulties, and determined to complete their task, when everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

They have done all this in Michael’s name, and will continue to raise funds to keep the home up and running, and keep the children in a loving and stable environment. They rely on donations from Michael’s fans. They make Legacy bracelets to sell to the fans and have a range of specially made Christmas cards using drawings of Michael.

You too can make a difference by buying some of their goods or simply making a donation.

To visit the website, please click here:

Source: michaeljacksons legacy .org & MJWN

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