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This year, ‘Thrill the World’ – the global simultaneous ‘Thriller’ dance takes place on Saturday 27th October at 7pm GMT /UTC– Precisely! The London ‘Thrill’ takes place in Covent Garden.

The London Zombies are launching an awareness campaign to highlight climate change, and a fundraising drive to get their first zombie to Thrill in Antarctica and fundraise for the SOS Children’s Villages. The SOS are also pioneering sustainable programs in their villages such as solar energy initiatives and encouraging children to grow and eat more fruit and vegetables for nutritional and environmental health. ‘Thrill The World’ members are involved with many charities around the world including work in areas where deforestation is causing problems.

We should be able to do simple things like planting trees and eating more fruit and vegetables, which will offset and reduce our carbon footprint to lower the stress we cause to the environment. The United Nations concludes that the livestock industry is the number one cause of global warming and is responsible for 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions, more than all transportation in the world combined.

‘The Thrill The World Project’ has now collectively raised over $250,000 for over 500 charities across the globe, mostly in Africa and South America. So don’t miss the ‘Thrill The World’ London event in Covent Garden, which will have an Ice and Snow theme to publicize the Antarctica expedition.

There’s also live performance by Reggae artist Clinark who will be premiering the video for his version of Michael’s hit song ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ at the event. There will also be a Dance Battle; and a ‘Thriller’ express boot camp dance class on the day, that guarantees to get any laggard zombies ready and able to ‘Thrill’ with the rest of the world, who will all be dancing simultaneously.

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Source: Thrill The World London & MJWN

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