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Thrill The World

People in cities around the world are getting ready to ‘Thrill The World,’ an annual fundraiser by practicing their dance moves to Michael’s ‘Thriller.’ This is the seventh year for this event, which has raised over $250,000 for over 500 humanitarian causes.

The dance is programmed to take place at the same time in every city, which include Osaka, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, Manila, Salvador, Istanbul, Berlin, Washington DC, Bogota, Dublin, Paris, Toronto and many other cities! The event is lead by a global team of volunteers.

There will be an attempt at achieving a world record; the highest number of people participating stands at 22,596 which is the current world record.

To take part, people are invited to learn the dance using online tutorial videos, audio, and dance script, and then sign up to their local city ‘Thrill.’ To learn more please click here:

Source: Thrill The World & MJWN

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