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Michael Bush In Bath

Michael Bush, designer to Michael for 25 years was in the city of Bath for ‘Bath In Fashion 2012,’ with several of Michael’s costumes and one of his famous gloves.
Speaking at the launch of ‘Bath In Fashion’ he said, “This is what England is supposed to be to us Americans, the architecture, the culture – and the rain.”
He was in the city to help publicise next year’s fashion week, at which he will speak; it will run from April 15th to 21st 2013.

Now in its fourth year, the festival will also include an exhibition of work by fashion photographer Norman Parkinson, a series of catwalk shows staged by London Fashion Week producer John Walford and a pop-up manufacturing display at which passers-by will be able to watch bags being made.
Sarah Mansfield, chairman of the festival and director of the Milsom Place centre, said ‘Bath in Fashion,’ was putting the city on the map.

She said, “’Bath in Fashion’ is the most amazing experience of partnering in a city you can find.”
She added, “Bath is a stylish, elegant and fashionable city with big brands, boutiques and independents and it’s logical with an event like this to pull all of that together.”

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Source: Bath In Fashion & MJWN

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