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Welcome To My World

The exhibition about the life of pop star Michael Jackson, ‘Welcome to my World,’ sheds light on his personal life and career as a musician through objects, music videos and over 70 photographs.

On display are shots from Michael’s favourite photographers; Jonathan Exley was close to the star and had photo-shoots with him for 15 years. John Isaac and Dave Hogan photographed Michael on his concert tours. Also on display are, for example, Michael’s gold records and objects from his Neverland Ranch. It runs from September 29th to October 28th.

The exhibition at TR1 Kunsthaus (Väinö Linnan aukio 13) has previously toured Germany, and it has been curated by Ina Brochmann and Peter Reichelt.

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Source: goodnewsfinland & MJWN, with grateful thanks to Paula

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