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Fan Review Of ‘Bad25’ Documentary

Here is a fan’s review of Spike Lee’s ‘Bad25’ Documentary after a special London viewing, with John Branca and Spike Lee both present.

After hours of driving from the north of England we arrived in London at the Odeon cinema where Spike Lee’s ‘BAD25’ Documentary was to be shown.

Full of excitement we sat in our seats and waited to be mesmerised; we were not to be disappointed.

A Sony Music exec introduced the film, which ran for well over two hours. Within two minutes the tears began to flow, and by the end I was an emotional wreck!

The footage from the actual ‘Bad’ concert was just staggering, and exactly as I remembered it first hand. I cried that night on August 29th 1988 (the first time I saw Michael perform live) and I cried again this afternoon. The tears were joyful at first as it was like seeing him perform live for the first time, all over again. But then the realisation hit, that we would NEVER see him live again, and my word, that hurt like a knife through my heart. I know we have had three years to get used to that fact, but seeing him work his magic wiped out that three years, and just for a moment of two, he was with us again.

The run down of his awards and the making of his short films was a timely reminder of all that ‘Bad’ had achieved. Michael’s success seemed like so many gifts both to him and to us, his fans.

But what came next was the killer blow. The stories told by his friends and colleagues, of where they were when they heard of his death, were so moving. As they spoke they also wept, so I did too.

The entire film was a dedication to the memory of Michael Jackson, a man whose like…we will never see again.

I urge all fans to find the opportunity to watch this Documentary as soon as they can, so that they can share in Michael’s magic once again!

Source: MJWN, with very special thanks to Paulette

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