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Message From Jonathan

We have received the following message from Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett which he would like to share with all Michael’s fans in celebration of what would have been Michael’s 54th Birthday

“MICHAEL LOVE FOREVER! Coming Forth – A day of celebration of the life, of the love, of the immense talents, of the compassion, of the dreamer and the dreams, of the mover, of the shaker, of the ecologist, of the designer, of the artist, of the audio visionary, of the video visionary, of the great father and parent, of the child at heart himself. Of the great giver and philanthropist – All these things he was and IS. In one man – One internal child who dreamed of a world where everyone was the same – Where, what matters most was, not the differences but the similarities – A world where and of which love was abound – Love was profound – Love would become renowned and love was and became the innate trait of mankind to dominate and permeate our souls and the conscious inward reflection of ones self in judgment. To become a better person and human being for ones self, as well as for one another, that we all may find Peace, Harmony, Kindness, and Justice in our world – A true SHEPHERD who built his flock globally around the world on the foundations of all these positive, wonderful, distinctive traits that are within all of us! So, on this given day – August The 29th (which just so happens to be my sons birthday as well – Go Figure – The signs from GOD to tie us together, in yet another given way!)     let us all celebrate the life, the love, the gifts, the artistry and his contributions of positive influences in life and the world of Mr MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON – THE SHEPHERD OF LOVE – who came to pass our way.

We love and miss you Michael and always will!

Jonathan Dillon Moffett
Soldier Of Love
be Love, For You ARE!

Click here to see Jonathan’s Tribute to Michael on YouTube.

Source: MJWN with special thanks to Jonathan Moffett & Paula Katsikas


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