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Colony Records To Close

Colony Records occupies a small but perfectly formed music and memorabilia store on Times Square/Broadway, in New York City, which has had many famous patrons since opening in 1948, and houses a vast collection of everything you have ever wanted but couldn’t find. A real Aladdin’s cave!
One of the owners recalls “a frequent customer, a young, popular singer by the name of Michael Jackson, who wouldn’t merely buy things.”Bought wasn’t the word,” he says. “He bought every doll we had, every magazine, every Michael Jackson album. He was like a kid in a candy store. He would spend thousands of dollars on that stuff, his own memorabilia.”
The owners have sadly decided that they have to close, because of “rising expenses, declining sales, and an internet-first philosophy for most people. We are a niche store that sells musician-type material, but it’s not so unique that it can’t be gotten on the internet.”
Ultimately, he adds, the store has “just kind of run its course. I can only keep it open so long until I financially can’t make payroll anymore, and I’m not going to do that.”
A sad day indeed!

Source: Theatermania & MJWN

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