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Book By Andy Picheta

The infamous tribute to Michael  last year at the Cardiff Millenium Stadium has been the subject of much discussion amongst Michael’s fans and Andy Picheta has opened the door to the real facts behind what turned out to be an okay event which could have been, should have been, a masterpiece of  organisation and musicianship.

All the right ideas were there, the right stars were named as contributors and on paper it was going to be the event of a lifetime. The problem was, the organisers believed that the “right stars” would come, before they were even offered the gig. People with grand ideas and no clout in the industry were made to look foolish by their own predictions. They had thought that the Jackson Family name would recruit the best stars. How wrong they were! When the announcement to the public was made, no stars had been signed, the venue was unfit for purpose, the ideas were grandiose and expensive to attain.

The funding was one of the greatest issues and the expenditure on the stars’ needs and the equipment necessary to put on the grand tribute fans thought was essential, became extreme.

Andy has pulled no punches in this book, and has hidden none of the problems he faced in his own area of the work.  He has been frank and honest in his criticism of people who were formerly his friends. He shows his amazement at the duplicity of the men in charge, and how they actually reacted when questioned in Court.

This book is a very good read and it is rather unusual to have such honesty about what was almost a failure. Andy says on page one: “For the fans of Michael, you were right.”

To purchase the book, either in published form or as an eBook, it is available on Amazon in most countries.

It’s available on amazon.com for US and amazon.co.uk for the UK. It’s also on amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it and amazon.en.

We hope you enjoy this insight.

Source: MJWN with thanks to Andy Pincheta

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