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Michael Bush In South America

Paula from Oz, has sent us the links to two ‘You Tube’ video clips of Michael Bush being interviewed in a South American museum, where he was preparing an exhibition of Michael’s clothes.

The clip shows a lot of Michael’s stage costumes, while Michael Bush discusses the designs and manufacture, together with Michael’s wishes both for the design, and the appearance on stage as to how the costumes would work.

This is a fascinating insight, not just into Michael’s vision, but the work entailed in making him look so special on stage and off. Michael Bush, together with Dennis Tompkins, who sadly has now passed away, did so much to enhance Michael’s stage shows, therefore they do indeed deserve the thanks and eternal gratitude of all of Michael’s fans.

To watch the first video clip, please click here

To see the second clip, please click here

Source: MJWN, with special thanks again to Paula

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