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Murray Wishes He’d Testified

Conrad Murray‘s appeals attorney, Valerie Wass, has stated that Murray now wishes he had testified on his own behalf.

He has now been a prisoner in the LA County Jail for seven months and is appealing against his conviction. He says his attorneys had different opinions on whether or not he should testify and he chose not to at that time.

He maintains his innocence even though the judge called him a “disgrace to the medical profession. Michael Jackson died not because of an isolated one-off occurrence or incident,”  Judge Pastor said. “He died because of a totality of circumstances which are directly attributable to Dr. Murray, not some mistake or some accident in the early morning hours of 2009.” He also said Murray engaged in a “horrible cycle of medicine.”

Murray is expected to serve several more months in jail but nowhere near the four year sentence.

Source: latimes.com & MJWN

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