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Flowers From Fans

As they have done for the past two years, Michael’s fans have remembered the third anniversary of his passing by sending almost eleven thousand long stemmed red roses to Forest Lawn, together with hundreds of other commemorations from all over the world.

Los Angeles resident Robyn Starkand, who helped organise the massive rose delivery through her online, ‘One Rose for Michael Jackson’ campaign said the roses allowed many fans who couldn’t make the trek feel like they were part of the memorial. Asked why she chose roses, Starkland said it was an easy pick. “It’s the creme de la creme of flowers, and that’s what he was.”

Hundreds more bouquets, teddy bears, posters and flower stands, some sent from as far away as Japan, Italy and Russia, crowded the makeshift memorial in what has become an annual event for devoted fans.

Source : chicagotribune.com & MJWN

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