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Message From Sugarfoot

We have received the following message via Paula, from Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett for all Michael’s fans on this sad day.

“Missing my dear friend Michael at this time, sensitive, near our end but Thankful that GOD brought us together in HIS greater plan for our lives little known to us way back when.  Isn’t it funny how one’s future is known only to HIM, GOD? When one affects another with inspiration    from witnessing Michael’s greatness within, thus was my experience     way back when as I and my family eagerly gathered around the television set and sat to watch and listen to a show called ‘Ed Sullivan.’     As the guy named Ed enthusiastically introduced a young group called “The Jackson 5” in bright multi-colored outfits…with a little young lead singer named Michael who came on and blew our minds. Dazzled our brains. Excited our souls and spirits with a performance we simply could not believe and the little lead singer and dancer made us believe that GOD, HIMSELF must have placed a personal anointment upon him.  Michael performed the unimaginable and invigorated our hearts minds and spirits, making me want to practice and practice and practice and work so hard that I may one day be able to be on TV like him and them and move people the way he and his four talented brothers moved me. Moved my brothers and family who watched in inspired disbelief! Now…with this scene being known by you all you can understand and get it, as to how magical and prophetic that night came to be…For Michael, the Brothers and me! Little did or would I know that I was then looking at and listening to my future, our futures, way back then…set in stone by the hand of GOD himself…Set into motion. My drive for my art in talents and my career to bring me full circle to where the LORD had pre-set me. Michael and his brothers to one day come to be! Isn’t it funny how this all came to be? No, it’s not really funny at all because GOD’s plans are always serious.

Once every several centuries of Mankind, GOD sends somebody special. A wake up call. Somebody to enlighten the people in the way to be. Somebody to excite the people. Somebody to bring people together. I think Michael was a gift from GOD. Sent to show people how to be. How to love!

I LOVE and miss You Dear Michael…Truly indeed

This is Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett
Drummer for “The Gloved ONE”
The KING of Entertainment
Proudly So Indeed”

Source: Jonathan Moffett & MJWN with special thanks to Paula

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