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Spike Lee & Michael

In an interview in the current edition of GQ Magazine Spike Lee revealed that he is making a documentary on the 25th anniversary of the release of Michael’s ‘Bad’ album. He also intended to do a film on ‘Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson,’ but that had not transpired…

GQ’s interviewer mentioned that ‘Details’ magazine just labeled Adam Levine from Maroon 5 the “new king of pop” on their cover.’
Spike Lee replied; “The king of pop?  Look, I have nothing personal against my man (Adam Levine) and I don’t think that he called ‘Details’ up to tell him to do that, but a lot of the time magazines will get you in trouble with titles like that.”

GQ asks: “Who would you say is the closest to what Mike (Jackson) was?”
Spike Lee replies; “That’s a very interesting question. I don’t think it’s anybody, I mean there are some people who could dance, look at Chris Brown, the way he dances. Usher…”

GQ’s interviewer says; “Maybe a younger sensation, like Justin Bieber?”
Spike Lee replies; “Justin Bieber is the new Michael Jackson? Interesting thing is that we interviewed Justin Bieber for this documentary and you know he idolizes Michael. And I love Kanye and Jay and everybody else, but there’s only one Michael Jackson. So if there’s only one Michael Jackson, how can anybody be the new king of pop?”

Source: www.gq.com & MJWN

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