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‘Don’t Be Messin’ ‘Round’

The demo of ‘Don’t Be Messin’ ‘Round’ is a track selected from hundreds of songs from the ‘Bad’ sessions, and is an insight into Michael’s writing and recording processes.

Joseph Vogel, who wrote the wonderful book ‘Man In The Music,’ about Michael’s songs, has also written an article for The Atlantic about this song, which is an in-depth probe into Michael’s writing methods and his recording processes.

Mr Vogel is clearly an expert on Michael’s music, as those who have read ‘Man In The Music’ will probably agree, and this article is no different, full of detail and written from an honest perspective.

He makes the point that this song is exactly as Michael left it, not “enhanced” in any way.

This article is so full of detail and facts, and it is a “must read” for dedicated fans.

To read it in its entirety, please click here

Source: theatlantic.com & MJWN

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