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Will.i.am Moonwalks With the Torch

Will.i.am is a coach on ‘The Voice’ talent show in the UK, and was asked over a year ago to carry the Olympic torch for one mile. He spoke of his experience recently, and told how he thought of his friend Michael during his run, so he moonwalked in his honour.

Will, the 109th runner in the 70-day 8,000 mile torch relay, tweeted throughout the day beginning with one message which read, “Its nuts here in Taunton…so much excitement.”

Later, he tweeted, “Crazy energy in the UK. 1nce in a life time experience #runningthetorch in the UK…”

Will also explained that he’s known for over a year that he would carry the iconic torch, but he’d been sworn to secrecy.Of that he said, “I knew for almost a year now but I was told not to tweet about it. I tweet a lot, so I really had to keep my tweet shut. I can control certain tweets…

“There are some secrets that are coming in the near future that I can’t tweet about or say.”

And of his tribute to Michael during the run, Will said, “I moonwalked on the torch run. I was thinking ‘me and Michael.’ Me and Mike were really close and he would have been proud that I ran the torch, so I thought why not moonwalk it a couple of steps while running with the torch.”

And finally, Will added, “I had some video cameras that were recording me running the torch, so I am going to do a video to my moonwalk moment.

“So I am thinking about doing a little Olympic mash-up.”

We will look forward to seeing that footage.

Source: unrealitytv.co.uk & MJWN, with thanks to Paula

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